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We provide following medical services to patients as per their need.

Paralysis :-

 1. Physiotherapy twice daily 

 2. Proper Nutrition 

 3. Medical Treatment to prevent      further attacks

Alzimar :-

 1. With the help of Psychiatrist & Nero physician medical treatment for prevention of further progress of decease

Parkinsonism :- 

 1. Physiotherapy 

 2. With the help of Nero physician             medical treatment 

 3. Concealing of patients

Dementia :-          

1. Under Psychiatrist guidance medical treatment 

2. Proper & Adequate Nourishment

Osteoporosis :- 

 1. With the help of Orthopedic Injections, Nasal Spray, Oral drugs, Injections for the treatment to prevent fractures and further disability.

Bed Sores :-          

1. With the help of efficient Sisters taking lot of efforts for healing of Bed Sores 

2. A quality nursing to prevent further Bed Sores.

Mentally Retarded :- 

1. With the help of expertise training 

 2. Adequate and proper nourishment of patients

Oxygen Therapy :- 

 1. With the help of Oxygen for critically ill patient

Nebulisation :-

1. With the help of Nebulisation for C. O. P. D. Patient 

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